Monday, January 3, 2011


Hmmmm so a two week break from blogging... which I'm sure I'm going to hear about from a certain someone in New Mexico. Anyways, hopefully I'm back to a more normal blogging schedule.

I'm still actually in Chapel Hill at my parents and am flying back to Chicago tomorrow. It's been a pretty lazy 10 days here. I've been helping my parents with moving things around, redecorating, and shopping for furniture for their remodeled house. But it's also been really nice not having to worry about cooking. Mmm mom's cooking!

I did get a bit of unexpected good news before Christmas. Back in 2004 while I was still in business school, I was involved in a business plan competition. Two classmates and I actually started the company with investors and I spent the summer of 2004 out in San Francisco starting the company. But I haven't had any involvement with the company since late 2004.

While the company is no longer really focusing on what we initially started the company for, they are planning to sell the company this year. And apparently the company had really good revenues last year and currently has 35 interested buyers. While I don't have a lot of shares since I was only involved with it for a short while, it does look like I'm going to come into some cash from this. The question is going to be how much... but hey, since I never expected anything from it, anything greater than $0 is a win for me.

In other pre Christmas news, I was approached by a hospital that I consulted for to see if I was interested in a full time in house performance improvement position. Hmmm. I have always thought that I would eventually leave consulting and go in house to a hospital one day. I'm just not sure yet if this is the time.

Consulting provides an incredible opportunity to see a wide variety of projects. Learning from the issues and concerns different hospitals have all over the country is why I am currently consulting. I've also gotten very used to the project based nature of the work. You don't like who you're working with? Well chances are, in consulting that project will be done in 12 weeks.

I also think that at my level right now, going to work for a hospital may be a slight pay cut, even though at the director and above levels, hospital salaries are in line with consulting salaries. Actually hospital VP salaries can even be higher than consulting salaries!

So I'm not sure yet if its the right time for me to leave consulting and go in house. But I guess I should explore this opportunity to see what it would entail and what kind of in house position and salary I could get right now!

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