Sunday, December 19, 2010

Korean food!

Last night was my Korean dinner party, which turned out really well. We had tons of food and drink and desserts! I ended up preparing rice, kimchi, bulgogi (Korean "fire" meat), japchae, and three different kinds of veggie patties (Korean style sweet potato, zucchini, and eggplant.

I went a little crazy with the portions. In Korean there is a term that loosely translates to "your hands are big". It is usually used when referring to how much someone has cooked for a meal or a party, meaning that the person is very generous. It's something that I heard a lot about my mom growing up. I must have gotten "my big hands" from her.

Though some of my "big hands" is from just sheer ignorance. So when I went to the Korean grocery store on Friday, I ended up coming home with 15 pounds of meat. Knowing that about 18 folks would come, and figuring a couple wouldn't eat meat, I figured 1 pound of meat per person was a reasonable estimation. Ummm... I find out from a phone conversation with my mom that night that 1 pound of bulgogi meat is for 3-4 people! I had bought enough meat for 50-60 people!

I actually ended up sending a lot of people home last night with meat, as well as kimchi and japchae. Folks were really grateful that I sent people home with food. It was cute. A girl actually told me that my japchae was the best she ever had! And she was Korean too! Sorry, but hearing "this is the best japchae ever" from a white girl just doesn't mean as much as hearing it from a Korean girl. :p

Here's a pic of the spread:

And here's the biggest wok full of japchae you've ever seen!

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