Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All or nothing

I had a great time in New Mexico for an extended mini vacation. In the very very small chance that some New Mexico residents may just happen to be reading this, I loved the state! Best state evah! ;) Mmm red and green chiles! We were also able to spend a day in Santa Fe, which was very cool as well. I went a little crazy and bought a bunch of stuff.... jewelry, native american type souvenirs, ooh a sand globe to go with my snow globe collection!

I really found myself intrigued with the native american history in the state. It really saddens me how much the native americans got screwed by so many countries in both North and South America. I gained quite a bit of knowledge looking up a ton of stuff about the local tribes and pueblos, even though a certain someone said I was gaining too much knowledge! I think next time I am in New Mexico, perhaps to go skiing in Taos, I definitely want to check out a pueblo, perhaps the Taos pueblo.

Anyways, I've mentioned before that my last two months have been very very quiet with work. But then of course the shit hits the fan all at once, as I am now on two projects. I was in Kansas City yesterday for the first one, which will probably require travel to Charlotte and Boston over the next two weeks. Also my second project starts this Friday, which will require about 100 hours of work before Christmas. Sigh!

Things are busy otherwise as a good friend's holiday party is this Saturday. I also agreed to host a Korean potluck dinner for 15-20 people at my condo next Saturday. I am kind of stressing out over all I have to do for that dinner and what I want to serve. I need to get to Ikea to get some serving platters and decorative stuff as well. Damn it, why am I going to be busy for work now?!?! Cry.

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