Friday, December 3, 2010

Lottery of Life

I flew into Albuquerque yesterday and will be here until Monday. However, I found out yesterday that I have to be in Kansas City for an all day meeting next Tuesday. I was going to try to change my flight to get back to Chicago earlier, but it turned out to be too freakin' expensive. So I'm just going to fly back on my original flight, get into O'hare at 5 pm and stay to turn around on a flight back out at 8 pm.

Anyways, I've talked before about trying to remember how incredibly lucky I am to have all that I have and to have been born into the world that I was. A very powerful ad/campaign called The Lottery of Life from Save the Children. The ads juxtapose images to show what your life may be like if you were born in a different time or place.

Gratitude... must remember...

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