Friday, January 21, 2011

The unknown

This past Monday three other people in the healthcare group at my firm were laid off, one who I know very very well. The little practice that I am in hasn't been affected yet, but it is very possible that the only reason we weren't laid off this week because our leading partner is on vacation in SE Asia and is unreachable. So its very possible that we will get laid off next week. Even if we don't get laid off next week, I wouldn't be surprised if it happens by the end of March. My firm is moving towards strictly doing healthcare IT work, and that's just not the kind of work I do, or even want to do.

I've took some time yesterday to take stock of all my accounts to see how long I could get by without working. Theoretically I could probably get by for a year, though I probably wouldn't want to do that (it'd also give my mom a heart attack). My friend got 8 weeks severance, which would help as well. Unlike some others I work with, I don't have a spouse or kids depending on my income. I have the luxury of being a bit more risky since its just me. So there's a part of me that would love to just take off maybe six months... maybe do some international travel during that time?

So I do need to be really thinking about what I'm going to do next. Healthcare strategy and operations is what I've been doing. Is that what I continue to do? Hmmm. Just because that is what my past education and work experience most prepare me to do, is that what I really want to do? Maybe this is the opportunity to radically change my career. I don't know... I think the fact that the possibility of getting laid off doesn't really freak me out is sort of a sign. We'll see what happens.

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