Thursday, January 20, 2011

Madison trip and pigging out

The weekend in Madison was really fun. It was interesting to be able to see the city with adult eyes. The elementary school looked smaller than I remembered. There is also this hill right next to the school where we used to go sledding. In my mind, this hill was huge. But when we saw it, we were like really? That's not that big!

Anyways, there are some really nice trendy areas in Madison, specifically around the downtown area as well as in the Williamson St area. My friend and I were like, we don't remember all these trendy restaurants and bars. Then we realized it's probably because we were 9 and 11 years old when we left Madison. We had lunch at this place called The Old Fashioned where we had their famous cheese curds. Yes chunks of fried cheese. Only in Wisconsin, only in Wisconsin.

The stuffing our face continued when we got back to Chicago since my friend was here for two more days. Its funny that I have a list of maybe 7-10 places that I always take people when they visit me. It's like my standard repertoire. A couple of the places I took my friend included Ann Sather's for their Swedish brunch with their crazy huge cinnamon rolls, Sunshine Cafe for homestyle Japanese food (not sushi), Lou Malnati's for what I think is the best deep dish pizza in Chicago, and Cafe Iberico for really amazing tapas.

After my friend's visit, I should really be spending this entire week in the gym...

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  1. I always remember the time my dad showed my sister and me the big hill he went sledding on in Fort Wayne, Indiana. To which we grizzled veterans of the New England slopes replied, "what hill?"