Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I spent an extended weekend in San Diego with two girlfriends, which was pretty awesome. It was fun to reminisce about how we were over 10 years ago as undergrads, as well as wonder where we'll be in 10 years when we are in our 40s. We did plenty of talking about our lives today as well.

We talked a little bit about how to live in the present. I guess it's common, but I find it especially difficult. I think I spend a lot of time rehashing the past or rehearsing the future. How do you live in the present? Is it by appreciating the little things? Being grateful for what you have? I'm not sure.

Anyways, I have a crazy week coming up as I am interviewing with a firm Thursday morning, then hopping on a flight Thursday afternoon for Atlanta. I'll be interviewing with this Atlanta firm on Friday. I can't imagine moving to Atlanta. It'd be a huge change.

I think I decided to just do my best with both interviews and see what happens. The theme for our weekend was, 'Whatever happens, happens'. Even if that is to stay with my current firm.

The potential of moving to Atlanta does make me wonder whether I should even start my online dating escapes here in Chicago. I don't know. Strangely enough, I actually met my ex in NYC when I already knew I would be moving to Chicago. So hmmm... whatever happens, happens? Yay for overusing catch phrases!

No, but seriously, we'll see. A friend of mine in San Diego has her own recent experiences with online dating. Talking to her about it and discussing what I'd be looking for was kind of amusing. Mmmmm maybe after I get back from Atlanta this Friday we'll see how I feel.

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