Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More flying and traveling info

Given that I fly so much right now, a couple of tips food wise to share.

First, water. My gosh, a bottle of water is so expensive at most airports. But you know what I do? I buy it at McDonald's. Not only is the bottle of Dasani water about $1.50 (I believe), but it's also a regular sized bottle, not the huge ass bottle that you don't need that is sold everywhere else. Thus I often will go to McDonald's just to get a reasonable sized bottle of water for a reasonable price.

Next, let's stay with McDonald's for a bit. My favorite healthy breakfast at the airport? The oatmeal at McDonald's. Starbucks also has a good oatmeal option, but its at least $2 more expensive. The McDonald's is really pretty good, healthy, and filling.

It amuses me that I am still so cheap when I travel on business, but given that I am on per diems right now, the less I spend on food, the more money I keep in my pocket. I am given $48/day for food right now. It's nice because I never spend that much and just get to keep the extra money.

I am getting so so so sick of eating on the road though. I cringe at the end of the day when I know I have to think about what I'm going to get. Sigh. At least I can break it up with mom's cooking as I am going to Chapel Hill this weekend. I'll be meeting with a certain old roomie in Chapel Hill on Sunday which will be fun!

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