Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The rental car game

A certain someone in New Mexico who shall remain unnamed told me to keep the blog posts coming. So I shall entertain!

Anyways, one of the little games I always play while traveling is "What rental car will I get this week"? I've had everything from sports cars that are super low to the ground to the point that I have issues getting in and out of the car... to Lincoln Navigators with wood paneling in the inside where I feel like I should be picking up my social security check and going to the 4:30 early bird special.

The Avis at Charlotte airport has been hooking me up lately, giving me much higher class cars than I am paying for. Last week I had a Mercury Mariner SUV which was a nice car. Not as nice as my Honda CRV at home, but nice nonetheless.

This week I have a hot red VW Jetta. I've never driven a VW before. I told a friend (who I already knew drives a VW) that I feel like I should be wearing birkenstocks, drinking a chai soy latte, and listening to NPR while driving around in the Pacific Northwest. I'm not sure why I have this notion of VW drivers.

Anyways, I'll have this Jetta for two weeks since I'm driving it to Chapel Hill and back this weekend!

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  1. Hrmmm. I drives a VW Beetle. Has a little flower vase in the dash (I keeps fake roses in it so's I don't sneeze), and the radio always be set ta NPR. It also got a turbocharged performance engine and could probablies beat a Hemi Charger in a quarter-mile.

    Is prolly why I has identity issues sometimes.