Friday, June 10, 2011

Crazy day

So I had a 11 am flight this morning from RDU back to O'hare. Emphasis on the word had. I get to RDU and shortly thereafter, they cancelled the flight. They initially said they couldn't get me on a flight until tomorrow, but then they were able to get me on a flight that left at 6 pm that would get me into Chicago at 7:30.

Except that I had already had a ticket booked to turn right back around and fly from Chicago back to Charlotte on Sunday. So what... I would have been in Chicago for 36 hours? I said forget it, and decided to cancel my return leg today and my initial leg on Sunday.

But this now left me at RDU with a rental car reservation to pick up from Charlotte's airport on Sunday. So I ended up changing that reservation to pick up today, but then had to rent a car from RDU to drive to Charlotte to pick up this car. Given that I was going to have this Charlotte car for two weeks, picking up from RDU and returning to Charlotte would have been crazy expensive because when you return it to a different location, they add a charge per mile.

Long story short, I got to RDU at 9 am today. I got a rental car at 11 am and drove the 2.5 hours to Charlotte. I picked up another car in Charlotte and drove back to Chapel Hill. I did stop on the way back to Chapel Hill at an outlet mall and did some de-stressing by buying some cute tops. Hey, I couldn't let today just be the day that I dealt with travel for 10 hours!

This now means that I am back in Chapel Hill this weekend, and next (as planned for Father's Day). And it means that I left Chicago on May 30 and will not return until June 24. Craziness.

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