Monday, June 20, 2011

Interview update

I've finally gotten the two interviews scheduled! The Chicago firm is at the end of June. They're making it a very condensed interview process because I already know the lead partner and another managing director in the practice.

In terms of the Seattle firm, I ended up having to take this online personality test of sorts. It basically gives you many screens to rank how you would describe yourself. Each screen had four adjectives or phrases and you'd rank 1-4 which were most apt to describe how you work.

I didn't really think I'd "fail" the test, given I have been consulting for four years. But basically they look for people who are going push and drive people to results instead of just being a people person. So when you're looking at a list of adjectives, you'd think that words like sociable or gets along with people are important. And they are. But they aren't as important as driving to a deadline or pushing to an end goal.

Other traits that I think are important for consultants are those who are calm in stressful situations because we often come into locations where not everyone wants us there. It's also important to be comfortable with ambiguity. If you want to know exactly how things are going to work, it just doesn't happen that way. You have to be comfortable working with the unknown, not having every single detail planned out. Then you just adjust as things happen.

Finally I think one of the most important traits for consultants is to be comfortable with change. Things change all the time. Not just in work a work setting, but in travel. Remember how a week and a half ago I ended up not going home? Well things like that happen. And you just have to deal with it. You can complain and bitch a bit, but deal with it.

Anyways, slight side track there. So yes, I "passed" the personality test. But unfortunately given my work and personal travel plans, as well as the those of the lead partner, we weren't able to get a date for me to fly out to Seattle until the end of July. One exact month after I interview with the Chicago firm. Boo. I had really wanted to get them close together. Oh well.

I was talking to my mom over the weekend about how I feel about these two firms. And really how I'm not really stressing over them. I really do think that whatever happens will be the right opportunity. I think back to being disappointed with not getting that offer from that firm in Atlanta last fall. And honestly these two firms are a better opportunity than that Atlanta firm. So even though it sucked a bit for me last fall, it was all meant to be.

The only really tough thing is going to be if I get both offers. I'd almost rather just get one so the decision making is done for me. Hard decisions are hard!

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