Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I flew into Winston Salem on Sunday night. And at O'hare now, its pretty much a given that you will have to go through the X-Ray scanner thing. And you know what? I refused.

It's always a funny thing when you go against the norm. The other passengers look at you in half surprise and half awe. The TSA folks get quite unhappy and give you nasty looks for causing them more work. But unless I am running late, I am going to request a pat down and refuse to go through the scanner.

I'm less concerned about the invasion of privacy issues, but really more concerned from a health standpoint. I do not need to be exposed to whole body radiation twice a week. I just don't.

I think I read an article where radiologists were saying that they refuse the scanner when they fly. And if MDs are refusing, who am I to argue? If I were to fly once in a while, sure I wouldn't refuse. But twice a week? Hell no.

Anyways when I refused on Sunday, the TSA guy made me wait unnecessarily before calling out for a female patdown. I think he wanted to delay me so that perhaps I wouldn't refuse in the future. He also gave me exasperated looks. Unfortunately this guy didn't know that you can't beat me in an angry staring contest.

I will stare you down, buddy! They don't call me angry asian girl for nothing!

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