Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bit of craziness

This is my second week on site here in Winston Salem. There are a lot of things on this project that would ordinarily drive me crazy. And if I knew that I was really going to be here for the life of the project (which would be until August 2013), I would probably be a bit unhappy right now. Or a lot unhappy.

But knowing that I hope to be at another firm by August of this year, well you can take anything if you see the light at the end of the tunnel. So I will do what I need to do each week, earn my airline miles and hotel points, and keep my mouth shut.

On the job front I was contacted by a recruiter at another consulting firm, that one I've mentioned that has two past colleagues. My past colleague who I spoke with about two weeks ago gave me the impression that they were not really ready to bring anyone on board just yet. So when this recruiter called me, I figured he was calling just to introduce himself and to give me the same kind of information.

Instead he was asking me questions like how comfortable I would feel about giving 2 weeks notice to my current firm. Questions like the status of my non compete with my current firm. It was just strange because it seemed like I was going to bypass the typical interview process given that this Managing Director and Principal already know me.

But that call kind of freaked me out because I want to make an informed decision, not feel pressured to take this offer (which would honestly be the easy route). So after I got off the phone with the recruiter, I called my past colleague at this other firm based in Seattle. I told her that I was going to submit my resume and start the process with this firm.

I submitted that stuff this morning and said that I would be open to moving to Seattle or DC. I've toyed with this thought for a while now, but now that I've said it on paper to this firm, its real! Yikes. Moving would suck yes, but I really need to look at the best possible job opportunity for me. Though yes, there is the other side of trying to think of moving to a new city as something new and exciting.

Perhaps I can even stagger things so that I could take a month off between jobs? :)

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