Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back on the road again

After a bit of a break, I'm back traveling for work again. It has actually been about 6 weeks since I flew out of the Seattle airport. They've switched up all of the security lanes and now the TSA Precheck line is right where I usually walk in. So this morning I had my first experience with this line.

I was able to walk through a simple metal director with my shoes and suit jacket on. My laptop and my bag of liquids were kept in my bags. All I had to do was just put my bags up to go through the scanner. I fly so much that I can get through a normal security line incredibly fast. But total time through the precheck line? 10 seconds. It was insane. It feels strange not being groped or going through a full body scanner to fly!

So now I'm on my way to Dallas, with a brief layover before heading to RDU. Now I know we're in this advanced technological age but for some reason the fact that I can connect to the wireless on flights still boggles my mind. And yes, I still do not completely shut down my phone. And to think I have yet to bring down a plane with my phone on airplane mode!

I'll be in NC for about a week this time, given that I have client meetings again next Monday. It'll be good to see my parents in Chapel Hill over the weekend, particularly since they are a bit down from having to put our dog down to sleep a week and a half ago. Putting a pet down is always hard but I think the whole ordeal makes my parents think about getting older and what the end of their lives might be like.

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