Monday, March 4, 2013

Some things never change

The last two weeks were really intense work wise, with tons of work and two client trips to NC. It might not have been such an insane two weeks if I had gotten more done earlier in February.

I readily admit it. I am totally a procrastinator at heart. Some things never change. I was a procrastinator in undergrad, in grad degree #1, in grad degree #2, and have been to a certain extent in all my jobs. I like to think it's gotten a bit better as I've aged (and theoretically matured), but I don't know that I can change my true nature.

Its like I need to feel the heat of the fire on my ass (i.e. its crunch time) and all of its associated stress (i.e. f*** me why did I put it off this long again... crap, am I going to complete it in time... shit, I will be getting no sleep and working nights and weekends) in order to be motivated and focused enough to power through something. Strangely enough, I kind of thrive off that stress. Until then I'm just putzing around. Sigh.

Anyways, I came across this hilarious article the other week that proposes 8 new and necessary punctuation marks. Hilarious. I should start using some. I'm sure that I could find a use for the superellipsis since I tend to overuse them (see Exhibit I: Previous paragraph of this post and Exhibit II: Pretty much every single blog post I've ever written).

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