Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So this is dating?

I am done with my four weeks of traveling to Baltimore for work. Huzzah! Actually last week ended up being really stressful and crazy and I feel like I'm still recovering. I probably worked 14 hour days on Monday through Wednesday to get everything done for the final deliverable due on Thursday. But now I effectively have two weeks off! I am in Chicago this week, then I am flying home to Chapel Hill next Monday to be there for a week since its my mom's birthday as well. I'm liking this "work 4 weeks, take 2 weeks off" bit. It rocks. =)

Anyways, I told Sara about this but shortly before I started traveling to Baltimore I did finally join match and e-harmony. I haven't really done too much with it since I've been traveling and kinda crazy. Meaning I haven't really searched or reached out to anyone, and have just seen what comes back to me. And what has come back to me has been interesting. Let's just recount some, shall we?

First we have the guys who are way too old for me. I put on my profile that I am looking for 30-40. Even 30 is pushing it given that I am 34. But come on, what the heck with all these guys 45-49 contacting me? WTF? On the other side we have the guys who are way too young for me. Um, I'm sorry but I'm looking to date someone not babysit someone. Hahaha... just kidding, I kid! But really... 25, 26 is way too young for me. 30 is my absolute lower limit. I would maybe go for someone who was 29 but they'd have to be super hot. =) Ah... I crack myself up.

I wonder where the guys are in their mid 30s? I mean, are they going after girls who are in their mid 20s? Is this how this works? Anyways, of those guys who are in my age range, I've had the really nice guy who in his profile listed that he was 5'4". Um. Hmmm. Look, I'm short, I know this. I'm not one of those weird short girls who say their date has to be 6'0"+. You know what, 5'6"...5'7"...5'8"... is fine. But 5'4"? I don't know... I just can't.

Then there was the guy who looked pretty cute and had a nice body, but his main profile picture was one with his shirt off. I'm sorry, but I don't care how good looking you are. If that is your main profile picture, I am going to judge you. And I am going to judge that you are a total douchebag. End of story. Then yes, there really was the 36 year old guy contacting me saying he would date girls 18-36 in his profile. I'm sorry, but what the heck is a 36 year old man (and I use this word loosely) going to do with a girl half his freakin' age? Douchebag!

And then the rest of the guys are guys who seemed "normal" enough but they either send me as a first point of contact this long ass email detailing their entire life story and how much he thought we'd be a fit (sorry too much too soon and slightly stalker-ish) or I look at their pics and I just am not physically attracted. It's not really even so much that these guys aren't "my type". Because I don't think I necessarily have a type. It's just that I don't see a physical attraction at all.

I was relating all of this to Sara and I think we decided that yes, internet dating sucks, but that there is probably a part of me that is being a huge judgy-mcjudgypants. The only thing I could try to be more open minded about is the physical attraction bit. But I guess I find it hard to think that I'd take the time to go out and meet someone when I'm not sure about the physical attraction. But maybe I need to, just to see. I don't know.

Maybe I am being so judgmental because I'm not really ready or wanting to do this. I don't know. But when I find something wrong with every single guy? Isn't that saying something? The other avenue I could pursue is actually searching and reaching out to guys myself. But that would take some effort. Sigh. Mmmm...

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  1. Based on what I have heard of on-line dating profiles, a guy who will admit to being 5'4" (instead of claiming 5'7" or 6'2" or 9'14") is a rare paragon of honesty and integrity and should be given a second look based solely on that.