Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Still hanging around

So I am still not laid off. Crazy. Seriously if the leadership here really knew what the heck they were doing, we should have gone two weeks ago. I actually heard from my coach/mentor yesterday that the new person we report to even wants to do some sort of strategy session here in Chicago in the next few weeks.

Does this change anything? Not really. Just means we may have even longer to look for other jobs. I'm still trying to decide what the heck I want to do next. There is this one consulting firm that seems to have taken a interest in my coach as well as myself. They're a much smaller firm, with only like 100 healthcare consultants. The only drawback is that they would require relocation to either Boston, DC, or Seattle.

If I could pick a city just on the city itself, I would probably pick Seattle. But I'm really torn with how much further that is from my parents in North Carolina. I don't know. Also I think Seattle is much more expensive real estate wise than Chicago. I doubt I could afford the same type of condo I have now. Though perhaps salaries there would account for the higher cost of living.

Anyways, an eerie pic from after the blizzard last week. A bunch of cars ended up getting stuck and abandoned on Lake Shore Drive. Talk about the apocalypse part of snowpocalypse!

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