Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It's been about two full months since I posted on here, much to the chagrin of a certain someone, I know. So why didn't I blog on here for a while? Well I think for a while there a lot of what was going on revolved around the job in Seattle and honestly a part of me didn't want to jinx it by talking too much about it.

So going back to the interview at the end of July. It's kind of hard to look back on it objectively now knowing that I got the offer. An offer I somehow got despite screwing up on the written case. So during the interview day I spoke with 4 or 5 consultants, had lunch with the lead partner, then had two cases.

There was an excel case with several tabs of data and 10 questions that I had to either answer or manipulate the data. Then there was a written case where you were presented with a problem and related data. You then had to analyze the data the way you saw fit, then write some conclusions that you've made as well as discuss what additional questions that you'd want to ask.

The written case took about 90 minutes or so and it wasn't until the last 15 minutes when I was reviewing it that I realized I had completely misunderstood a major assumption of the main data set. Basically I had written my entire case off a wrong assumption. Sigh. Anyways, all's well that ends well I guess.

The pic above is from when I was there during my interview. After dinner on Friday night I spent some time walking around the downtown area and walked down to market place. It's difficult to explain clearly and sounds kind of cheesy now, but as I was walking around I just quietly knew, very deep down inside, that I was going to end up here. That I belonged here... that it was going to end up being home. I think its the same intuition that led me to turn down the offer from the Chicago firm for the opportunity to interview in Seattle.

There is still a ton that I don't know yet... such as whether I'll be able to sell my place, where I'll live in Seattle etc etc. If I really think about all I have to do, it freaks me out a little. Well, a lot. But same intuition is telling me everything is going to work out.

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